Four months. I have spent four months thinking about blogging, wanting to blog, wondering whether I really want to blog and why I haven’t just done it.

There is one obvious reason for my absence, a wedding, our wedding. Between the doldrums of work and the all consuming wedding planning little time has been spared for what I want to do.


An apt wedding shot for a foodie blog – enjoying bunny chow for our main meal

We were a reluctant bride and groom, eager to be married to one another, but not so keen for the wedding that needed to accompany it. As it turns out it was a wonderful, amazing wedding weekend – worth all the effort and time we all (our families were hugely involved) spent in the months preceding the “big day”, but we’re just regular folk who savour the normalcy of our lives together. So that all changes now, we have everything we wanted out of our wedding – our normal lives back!

Toasted sarmies on a Sunday night, curling up on our couch big enough for two, watching Grand Designs or the cricket, planning and scheming for our life ahead. He working in his workshop, building us beautiful furniture, me devouring foodie magazines and now, hopefully, blogging again. Not to mention the cooking that started all this in the first place and now we have a house jam-packed with all manner of kitchen goodies to be getting on with.

So, here we go again…take two.