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I’ve been absent from my lovely little blog for ages again 😦 I want to blog, I just don’t seem to get around to it between work, wedding and the wonderful public holidays we’ve been having. In the past when I haven’t blogged, I’ve at least still been cooking but at the moment I feel like even that joy is taking a backseat.

The withdrawal is apparent I think, the lovely fiancΓ© laughs when I tell him I’m already planning what we’re going to eat on our road tripping honeymoon – any avenue to immerse myself in food!

So, this weekend, after having missed many a FFwD and one week of TwD, I decided enough was enough and I was baking lemon loaf!

As I’d left it so close to posting time to bake I could read all the other lovely bakers comments about their experience of baking this loaf. Thus taking advantage and ending up with a moist, lemony loaf that had a beautifully fine crumb and dense texture. Many people had found the loaf to be dry and to have a very mild lemon flavour, numerous suggestions were given on how to improve it, but I went with adding freshly squeezed lemon juice from one large lemon. I also had some lemon curd on hand to serve alongside the loaf, in case it was still dry;-)


Cracked peak and dark crust

It wasn’t too dry, except maybe at the edges, where the crust had baked to a dark brown. In thin slices it was perfect on its own, but I had some for tea this morning with lemon curd and it was also lovely. The sharp acidity of the curd contrasting the sweet cake wonderfully. My next slice will be lightly toasted I think, served with a thin helping of curd:)


A dollop of lemon curd

If you’d like the recipe, you can get it off the blogs of the hosts for this week, Truc and Michelle. And to see how everybody’s loaves turned out go to TwD.