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Another FFwD recipe that I missed – partly because I didn’t get there, but mostly because I wasn’t convinced – apple and cheese in a quiche, really? And I’m not a crazy quiche fan either, because I find it too rich. And then I had some left over gorgonzola in the fridge and I figured it was time for an adventure in the kitchen…


Amazing! I was pleasantly surprised, it was rich and I couldn’t eat too much, but the flavour was so interesting – not particularly overpowered by apple or the creamy blue cheese, just a wonderful amalgamation of the flavours.

It’s certainly not your everyday dish, the pastry takes time, but I’m glad I’ve actually made pastry from scratch now – this cooking group is really teaching me some new skills and pushing my boundaries.


I do feel like I’ve been neglecting my own dishes though and I’ll be making a concerted effort to post more of my own stuff, with recipes!


If you’re looking for the recipe for this quiche then check out Dorie Greespan’s book Around My French Table or get in touch.