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Finally!! It’s Tuesday and Tuesday’s with Dorie has kicked off. I’ve been waiting patiently for a while, first for my copy of Baking with Julia to arrive and then for the day of the first post. And here we are:-)

For those of you who don’t know about Tuesday’s with Dorie let me fill you in. Essentially it’s an online blogging, baking challenge to bake all the recipes in the recipe book Baking with Julia, by Dorie Greenspan. Twice a month we bake recipes from the book and blog about the experience. A really awesome way to learn, make new friends and to actually ensure that one cooks one’s way through an entire recipe book!

The recipe that is kicking off the challenge is White Loaves on page 81 in the book. For those of you that don’t own the book it’s well worth getting, but you can also find the recipe on the blog’s of this week’s hosts – Laurie and Jules.

My baking got off to a slightly frustrating start – weevils in the brand new bag of flour I’d just arrived home from the shops with! Aargh. Thankfully my wonderful fiancΓ© dashed out to get me some more, while I cleaned up what I’d already done.

From there on out it was pretty plain sailing, except I think I over-mixed my dough:-( The result being that I don’t think my bread rose enough.

We haven’t eaten it yet, it’ll be our breakfast for tomorrow morning, but we’re very excited. I’ll report back!

Ooh, I’m back! Just had my first slice. Bread and butter for breakfast:-) It’s rather dense and heavy, but the taste is wonderful (I think the butter really adds a little something) and its super springy. Next slice – toasted with peanut butter.