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Some people say that one’s blog should have a focus, a specific thing that you write about, something that you are trying to achieve etc.  When  I started out I was clueless, still am really, but I wanted to pretty much just document the food we were making at home as a way to remember what we had done, what we thought about it, what we would do again etc.  We love experimenting with food, and it’s not often that we make the same thing twice – unless it’s a real winner, like Moroccan lamb, although it’s often still variations on the theme. So I enjoy keeping track of what we’re doing and how we did it – a common problem with experimenting, can you repeat it?!

This year I have just landed the job I have waited for, not foodie related, but it’s going to take a little more of my time and energy than what I have done up until now, so I think I need to be a little more organised.  For the past 10 months (5 months not working at all and 5 months working at a random job) I have used free time during the day to contemplate our evening meal and then gone to the shops on the way home from work in the mid-afternoon.  I know, I know – who in their right mind goes shopping everyday for groceries!!  But let me tell you, when I was unemployed those daily trips to the store were my saving grace and I would have gone loopy had I not had the focus of planning our meals and doing the shopping for them. But now it’s not that realistic, plus I have a million recipe books at home that I have not been using enough because I tend to use the internet to hunt down ideas and recipes.  So my plan is to become more organised, to plan our meals for the week (at least Monday through Thursday) and to do one big shop a week.  That way I’ll have more time to actually cook (and maybe fit in some exercise to counteract all my eating!) and enjoy it.

My plan is a little vague at this point, but I think it will go something like getting on board with Meat Free Mondays, making the French Fridays With Dorie challenge recipe on a Tuesday (ready to blog for Friday), a recipe from one of my recipe books on Wednesday, and perhaps a bloggers recipe on Thursday – or in no particular order really.  It may shift from week to week as I may do a few other bloggy type challenges from the blogosphere, and may feel like something in particular one day, but at least I’ll have something to aim for.

I think I’m going to try to post my plan on a Sunday, perhaps offer inspiration to others, and then through the week I’ll post about the good stuff we are eating J  Don’t hold me to anything, but I’m going to try!