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Bacon and zucchini frittata

We went to a baby shower brunch on Boxing Day, it was fairly random – cutesy and all that, but a little awkward when you don’t know anyone and feel a little lost. But, the stand out of the morning for me was a quiche!

A bacon and zucchini quiche to be precise. With a hint of basil pesto, I think. Simple, but delicious. What was particularly surprising for me was just how fresh and flavourful the zucchini tasted – I don’t know how they achieved it, but I knew I wanted to recreate it.

Only trouble is I find quiche too rich. I’m not sure why, perhaps an overindulgence in my youth or a remnant from when I didn’t eat eggs, either way eggs are rich, and egg and pastry is just a step too far for me!

My solution? Frittata. Kind of like quiche but without the rich pastry. I decided to add some fresh tomatoes as well, again to counteract the eggy richness,and a couple of shallots as well.

I microwaved the zucchini for a few minutes until it was just cooked. The shallots were sliced and sautéed briefly; the bacon (the best bacon from boyfriend’s folks’ church bazaar!) was fried until cooked; and then the chopped zucchini and tomato was added and mixed with a couple of dollops of basil pesto. Over this I poured 5 beaten and seasoned eggs, let it cook on the stove over a medium heat until the edges have firmed up. I then popped it in the oven (still loving my little red cast iron pan) until the top had browned.

20111230-094126.jpgCooking on the stove top until the egg is firm around the edges of the pan

We ate it with creamed sweetcorn and a little of the red onion marmalade I’d made the previous day (keep watching for that recipe).

We enjoyed the frittata, it was full of flavour and the tomato worked well to combat the richness. Unfortunately the zucchini didn’t stand out like it had in the quiche, I think partly because of the amazing bacon which has a really bold flavour – that’s what you get when you buy the real deal, rather than the crappy store-bought stuff!

All in all though, while it wasn’t what I was aiming for it still made a quick and tasty dinner, and a lekker leftovers breakfast! Perhaps I need to give in and make quiche to get the zucchini like I want it…or just ask for the recipe instead of trying to recreate it!


The finished product - fresh out the oven