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Merry Christmas everybody! Very belated I know, but it is the silly season and it has been busy!

We had a wonderful Christmas…or two;-) The first was the weekend before Christmas with my folks and my sister and we got to host it at our house – much excitement! I’ll blog about the food soon I hope. It was a wonderful weekend though, and I was very spoilt with pressies! Some of which are already in action in our kitchen, some that I’m still itching to try out!

Our second Christmas was with boyfriends folks on the farm in northern KwaZulu Natal, that was on actual Christmas Day, though much activity on Christmas Eve as is the German tradition. I was very touched that boyfriend and I were tasked with cooking Christmas Eve dinner and pudding and his mom and I had lots of fun in the kitchen, while the boys played in the workshop. We were ridiculously spoilt all over again and it was a lovely weekend:-). Some photos of some of my lovely pressies…so spoilt!