For months I have resisted buying it, looking at it longingly every time I went to the book store, feeling guilty because I already have so many recipe books! Finally, yesterday, my resistance crumbled and I just did it!

Nigel Slater’s Tender Volume II – the fruit guide!  It is the hard cover edition and it is so lovely.  I am admittedly having a small love affair with fruit at the moment – it’s berry season in SA and I’m loving it 🙂 And there are plums and nectarines….”heady sigh”!

There is such a wealth of information in this book, all in Nigel’s wonderful writing, which for whatever reason really strikes a chord with me.  He goes into detail on some of my favourite fruits, on some I don’t know at all (guess they’re a UK thing that hasn’t reached our sunny shores yet) and plenty more – mostly sweet recipes, but some savoury too. I’ve already bookmarked our dinner for next week!

I really enjoy a recipe book that is more than just the recipe – some background information about ingredients, interesting tidbits for reading…I’m definitely one of those people who is quite happy to read a recipe book like a novel.  Of course, what Nigel has now achieved is that I want an orchard, or at least a garden big enough to have fruit trees…not easy to accomplish in Umhlanga of the small gardens and (I think!) unfriendly gardener’s climate! Sigh…

If anybody loves me and wants to buy me Volume I (the veggie version) that would be lovely – wink, wink, nudge, nudge 🙂 I haven’t actually seen that volume anywhere, but I do love online shopping!  Of course, since I’m now telling the world that I want it you would possibly do well to compare notes! And it must, of course, match my volume II, because I’m anal like that about book series!

Can’t wait to get home this afternoon so that I can peruse it somemore…please hurry up hours!