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Pancake layer cake

Lately, we seem to be buying everybody recipe books as gifts.  It’s probably my influence since I am obsessed with recipe books and could spend hours paging through them being inspired and admiring the beautiful photos!  Anyhow, we bought my boyfriend’s mother (and friend’s of ours for an engagement pressie) one of the latest recipe books to hit the shelves in SA – Savour.

It’s a really amazing book with tons of fantastic recipes and ideas, my head was swimming after having a sneaky browse through before we wrapped it – I couldn’t resist!  The result of the browsing is that we made two of the recipes from the book and I think we’re going to have to get ourselves a copy too, because there are plenty more I want to have a go at! Hallo Father Christmas?  Are you listening?!

My boyfriend spotted this pancake cake and we literally decided then and there that it was going to be our pudding for the evening…a trip to the shop and we were ready to layer cake! Our main course for the evening was rare roast beef with rocket and horseradish sauce – the topic of another blog post 🙂

We cheated a little and made the pancakes from a ready mix packet, but you can make them from scratch if you prefer 🙂

‘Scuse the photo – taken with my iPhone in the dodgy lighting in our house 😉 Boyfriend also has some cool pics taken with his fancy SLR camera…he must mail them to me 😉 Hehe ❤

20111118-061441.jpgPancake cake

(Adapted from Savour)


  • 6 – 8 pancakes
  • tub of marscapone cheese (about 240 g)
  • tub of creme fraiche (about 240 g)
  • Syrup
  • Cinnamon and sugar, mixed
  • Bananas (2 – 3)
  • Gooseberries (we used frozen, couldn’t find fresh, and you could use any berries you like)
  • 5 tsp vanilla essence


  1. Mix the marscapone cheese, creme fraiche and vanilla essence together.
  2. Slice up bananas.
  3. Mix cinnamon and sugar.
  4. Place your first pancake on a plate, spread it with the marscapone mixture and layer with the fruit.  Sprinkle over some cinnamon sugar and squirt on some syrup.
  5. Place the next pancake on top and repeat until you’ve used up all your pancakes.
  6. Don’t add the marscapone mix to the top pancake, but decorate with some fruit and cinnamon sugar and syrup.

Considering that this recipe is actually pretty simple (if a little time consuming) it looks really impressive and we were rather chuffed with our efforts, not to mention that it tastes amazing too! And, since it keeps really well in the fridge (and is actually easier to cut after refridgeration) you can make it before you want to serve it!