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And again I’ve been AWOL for days, probably more like weeks!  All I’ve wanted to do is blog, but work and life keep seeming to get in the way…

We made this salad a while ago, nothing fancy, just tasty and good ingredients. We weren’t looking for coppa ham in particular, but we came across it and it looked good, added some creamy blue cheese because we could and a bunch of other salady things that we had in our fridge.

It was super quick, super easy and super delicious…my kind of style!

The flavour of the coppa ham is quite strong so the power of the blue cheese worked really well, without the two of them competing for dominance, but rahter balancing each other out.

A kiff dish for summer…

This week I’m going to do something with goat’s cheese…maybe also a salad if the weather plays the game!  Any ideas?!