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Currently we live in a really small flat, with a ridiculously small kitchen that has hampered my baking and cooking endevours. Today is 10 days until we move – happy days! The new place will still only have a small kitchen, but it will be big enough for me to go baking crazy, which is what I have been dying to do for so long.

I haven’t been able to indulge my baking craving and buy an electric beater yet (due to storage constraints in said tiny kitchen) and so my baking has been limited to crumbles thus far. To be honest, this plum crumble is only my second attempt! The first, a berry crumble, was divine and I’ve been dying to have another go ever since…

Enter…the plum crumble. Being stuck at home with flu and having had the urge to bake for a while now, I was lucky enough to have some tasty plums and the very bare minimum needed to cobble together a crumble.

I found a recipe for plum crumble on Cherry Menlove’s website http://www.cherrymenlove.com but had to improvise a little as I was getting myself muddled with the conversions to metric and I also don’t yet own a kitchen scale! I consequently had no idea how much the plums I had weighed, nor how much flour I had (not much as it turned out), etc etc. Nevertheless, I blundered on…I think my flour and caster sugar to butter ratio was a little off (too much butter) for the crumble and I wasn’t sure what I was doing with the plums…but the proof will be in the tasting! Cherry’s photos look fantastic, so I can only hope to match her taste too!

It’s on the cards for pudding tonight, so time will tell 🙂

If you’re interested in the recipe I’d suggest checking out Cherry’s site…I don’t think my “recipe” will be very helpful 😉

Nigel Slater (who I love) wrote an awesome column in The Guardian newspaper in the UK on crumbles…check it out here. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2004/oct/17/foodanddrink.shopping