So…I’ve started a blog. Mmm…

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while now, inspired by other bloggers and a search for someway to record all my thoughts about food and life, and food and, well, food. I think that’s what this will be anyway…it’s my current inspiration, but I’m sure that as life goes on I’ll be inspired to write about other things (weddings, babies, who knows!) but hopefully always food 🙂

So why now, why today? Well, I’m stuck at home, sick with flu and looking for entertainment and I’ve found my way to WordPress. And my blog name…well, I just baked a plum crumble and it seemed fitting to name the blog in honour of the attempt!

The crumble looks delicious and the teeny tiny bit I tasted was amazing, if a little sweet. If I can figure out how to add a photo then I will do so…holding thumbs. Plus the photo is currently on my phone so I need to figure out how to use the WordPress App too, I’m obviously too lazy to transfer the photo to my PC!

Right, well this is my first post…more to follow about the plum crumble soon.

20110921-040600.jpgAh…I’ve added an image!  I give you my plum crumble!  Looks yum:-)